How to create a soulful practice and lasting change..

Now that you have an understanding of how the mind works and how deeply rooted, subconscious beliefs rule your conscious mind, are you willing to make the necessary changes?

This is the hard part. Because it will demand your commitment. 

You need to learn how to focus, how to direct your attention for a prolonged time towards what you wish to have your world filled with. You need to cultivate this focus so that it becomes your habit, that it becomes familiar to you and that you will easily evoke it in your minds eye, in your vision. Whenever you want. 

 And this is where most of us stop.

Is it that we’re too lazy to do the work or is it that we’re afraid it would actually work. It would mean we would have to change. We probably don’t think that consciously. We probably think the opposite, that it would maybe not work. So why bother trying?

What if I try and I fail? In any case, I’m not good at trying new things because I usually don’t stick to them. And somewhere in that twisted mind, there is comfort in those ideas. Because it feels familiar. Because it feels like someone you know. It corresponds to the IMAGE you have of YOU.

If you do have a desire to break free from negative patterns and habits, I’m just about to release a course. In the course, I provide the tools and techniques required to do just this.

I’ll be sending out invitations to join the first enrolment of the class in the coming weeks. Please keep your eyes on your email inbox!