“Thank you so much for your teachings, guidance and support during the Ayurveda course. What can I say…It has been an amazing experience! As a busy entrepreneurial mom, life is very hectic, and I had kind of lost myself in the business of it all. I was searching for a method that would help me to feel more energised and stop the vicious cycle of reaching out to the biscuit tin in the afternoon when the kids come home. Previously, I had tried various diet and exercise plans, but they usually failed after a few weeks. So when I saw Charlotte’s talk on IG, I knew she had the answers to what I was looking for, and I wanted to give it a go. I already knew a lot of the things beforehand like the importance of sleep, meditation, yoga and nutrition, but Ayurveda has given me a deeper understanding of why they are important and how to bring balance to my life. This is not a gimmick or a quick-fix program, but the results can be equally fast, too, although the long-term benefits are even greater. 

Some of the many benefits I have experienced: 

  • More energy and no more sugar cravings in the afternoon,
  • Feeling more grounded, settled and connected to myself, 
  • No more bloating and better digestion, 
  • Having a method that is simple enough to follow and apply whenever I feel a bit more out of alignment, 
  • Awareness of my hunger/fullness states and weight loss without trying.

I can highly recommend the program! If you feel like running out of fuel because life is so busy, now it’s the time to learn how Ayurveda can transform your life! Thank you, Charlotte!”