“I am so grateful for this program. I learned many things about myself and how I function. I understand my tendencies and the unconscious reasons I was acting a certain way. The insights of my own patterns of behaviours helped me a lot to change some bad habits.I realised the importance and the benefits of having a routine, especially in the morning. I also always struggled with digestive problems, and this program was incredible in finding what works for me. 

I understand how everything is linked, and nothing can be improved without working at the same time on having better sleep, regular movement, decreased stress levels, and so on.I really liked the fact that the program was so personalised. Charlotte sees what works for you and doesn’t give a “global recipe” for everyone to apply. And each time we encountered any kind of difficulties or questions, she was immediately present, trying to find the best solution or to give the best advice. Her approach as a psychologist and an Ayurvedic practitioner is so interesting. It brings together ancient and modern science. Charlotte is such a great practitioner. I cannot recommend this program enough. I am really grateful for her patience, her kindness, the transmission of her knowledge and how she progressively opened my eyes to what needed to be changed. She is very professional and clear in what she explains. And her yoga class and meditations are incredible.”