Do you pray?

Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. I’ve always had a deep curiosity toward eastern and western approaches to understanding the mind, and the ming/body union. You’ll find me in the lovely Canggu Bali, nestled amongst coconuts, palm trees and sunshine 🥥🌴🌞




One of the benefits of a regular meditative practice is that we become observers of the thinking mind. We become more aware of what we keep thinking all the time. When we then want to use that to take our work further, we begin to CHOOSE the thoughts we would like to think. Little by little, we start noticing how much we put ourselves down, how much we judge ourselves and how rarely we support ourselves instead with encouraging words. The more we notice, the easier it becomes to change for something more useful.

When neuroplasticity was discovered, we realised that the choosing of the thoughts isn’t just some spiritual nonsense. By reinforcing the neuropathways of feeling good, we actually … feel more easily good!

One way to use this is to create a routine that you implement in your life, at the same time every day. It becomes a ritual. The power of ritual is the REGULARITY of it.

The regularity means that the pathways gets stronger.

Say that word that you want to say enough times and it becomes a belief.

The belief is the filter through which you perceive reality. Your perception of the world will define how your life goes.

Set off time for your practice – commit to your life

Consciously choose what you do – don’t just rush through it like another task

Be mindful while you’re doing it – don’t let other things distract you

Take note of how it makes you feel – become aware of the subtle shift that happens with regularity of this practice.

I have chosen to listen to a morning meditation every morning as I make my way to the mat. Choose one that feels right for you, it needs to make you feel good. It can even be your favourite music if you don’t want to be distracted by words.

It can seem like a lot to implement, and you might feel like you don’t have the time or the courage to make the change. It’s normal to feel that way, you’ve been conditioned your whole life to be the way you are before the conscious change.

If you want a kick start, if you want be motivated in the work, decide to learn more about yourself. Join my free masterclass on how the mind works and sign up for the Self Image course if it motivates you!