Welcome to my world…

If I have shaped my work around Yoga, Psychology and Ayurveda, it is because I was once living very far from what these disciplines suggests. 

Back then, I sure would have wanted someone to help me kick off in the right direction, which is the reason I have now created my online courses – the Self Projects Masterclasses. 

When I decided to study Psychology at university, it came from this urge of wanting to understand human behaviour. Really, it came from a drive to understand MYSELF but I might not have known that at the time. Most people who seek the “human studies” usually are driven by that inner questioning. The same way that most people drawn to a yogic practice in any shape or form, don’t do it by hasard. There is a seeking, a quest to understand the self. But even though we might have the keys to knowledge in our hands, we tend to not use them. And this is because we are human. We have a stronger drive than our wish to understand, and that is to survive. And that instinct has us repeat what we are used to, against better judgement. 

The ancient yogis knew this and therefore instructed a daily practice in order to become clairvoyant in our actions. So that we could learn to choose what to do instead of just reaction to any external situation. We need to experience in order to understand and we need to practice in order to make it familiar. As simple and as hard as that.

Some ten years ago, I was in my early 30’s and was living the typical life of the (recently single after breaking off an engagement just six months before the wedding) city girl in the corporate job with lots of ideas around what a good life meant. 

I was working 8am to 8pm every day except Fridays where we would finish earlier for an “after work” to “unwind” for the coming weekend. 

I truly was all of the characters that I present to you in my “cases studies” of past clients:

– Never ending to do list – warm up with coffee, cool down with wine;

– Over achiever – serious case of FOMO so needed to be a part of everything;

– Addicted to dissatisfaction – so low on self esteem that being “content” just seemed like something for losers;

– Buried in work – if there was one moment I dreaded in the week, it was Sunday morning after the run. The void. A whole day of nothing planned. Horrible.

My Self Image was filled with beliefs about the expectations society had on a 30 year old woman

My body was running on adrenaline;  over training, over eating, never stable weight.

My relationship to FOOD and TOXINS was “trigger and reward” based.

So I have been there and it took a long time to change because I did not know anything else. 

This was life. It just wasn’t meant to be more.

And this is where it becomes so tricky – because what seems counterproductive to us, is exactly what we need to do. What is unfamiliar feels wrong but that is only because we are addicted to the way we have come to live our life. It isn’t what we “are meant” to experience and there is a way back to feeling at ease, feeling balanced and actually going in the direction of what our nature is. 

So the first thing to do now, is to let yourself off the hook a little. Because it is perfectly natural that you do what you do. However, if it isn’t serving you, the good news is that you are the only one this depends on. Therefore, a new habit can start today.

And I am happy to hand you the tools that have helped me and then cheer for you on the side of the road while you start a new part of your journey…