Free yourself from negative behaviours and limiting self beliefs.

– Learn how the mind functions, the subconscious mind rules the conscious mind and why willpower isn’t enough to make change

– Understand how self image is really formed, the mess we came into as children and how it affects our adult life

– Receive tools to change self image, remove negative behaviours and limiting self beliefs and work with subconscious mind

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“There are many good yoga classes, and then there are classes that transform.. Thank you for a wonderful workshop!”

Lina Nilsson Denkinger

“The best aspect of @yogicha workshops, is that there is no right or wrong. You simply take what you need and get inspired (and eventually “improve”).

When you are in a bad mood, instead of seeking comfort from the outside (chocolate, shopping, attention..), get in the routine of practicing something that develops pleasure from within the body.

Nothing related to performance. Just pleasure.

Thanks. It was amazing as always ❤️


“I wanted to say THANK YOU Charlotte for your wonderful workshop, it was so inspiring. On the second day I had a long conversation with Tim about creativity after the workshop and I totally forgot the time cause we were really into the topic!:-) Thanks for this inspiring workshop !! For me, I can tell you that I felt lots of energy in my physical body after the second workshop. After the third workshop I first needed time for myself to reconnect with all the thoughts that were coming up during the meditation.. BUT the most impressive thing was the creativity conversation -Tim and I were having at the same evening!! Wow-I could totally feel creativity in process!!! Thank you so much Charlotte

Isabelle B