Free yourself from limiting self beliefs and negative patterns

Do you stop yourself in fear of not being enough? Do you know how the idea of who you are came to be?

The self image project is all about empowering you to gain an understanding of how and why you function. It’s about providing you with the tools, routines and actions you can use to break free from a negative self image and limiting beliefs.

Free introduction class: Register now and get the introduction class for free (25 min). You’ll get it directly in your mail box, without any purchase obligation.


What’s included in the Self Image Project? 

There are a number of self-paced modules and lessons designed to help you truly understand how your mind functions, how negative patterns and self image is formed, and the tools and routines to break free.

Free introduction class: Register now and get the introduction class for free (25 min). You’ll get it directly in your mail box, without any purchase obligation.

Over 50 modules and lessons

Combined access to over 50 lessons and video tutorials designed to help understand how your mind functions, how self image and negative patterns are formed and the tools you need to break free.

Video tutorials, reflection exercises

A combination of written work and video tutorials.

Live coaching call

A live coaching and check in call to ensure you’re on the right path and applying the material correctly.

Guided meditation and yoga sequences

Guided meditation exercises, online vinyasa and Yin sequences designed to help you create your own soulful practice.


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“There are many good yoga classes, and then there are classes that transform.. Thank you for a wonderful workshop!”

Lina Nilsson Denkinger

“I wanted to say THANK YOU Charlotte for your wonderful workshop, it was so inspiring. On the second day I had a long conversation with Tim about creativity after the workshop and I totally forgot the time cause we were really into the topic!:-) Thanks for this inspiring workshop !! For me, I can tell you that I felt lots of energy in my physical body after the second workshop.

Isabelle B

“The best aspect of @yogicha workshops, is that there is no right or wrong. You simply take what you need and get inspired (and eventually “improve”).


Frequently asked questions

How much does the course cost?

One course is $299. 

If you take the two courses, SELF IMAGE & SELF KNOWLEDGE, you get a discount. Both courses (50 videos and exercices + 1 live coaching) are at $520

It’s always a good time to invest in yourself. 

How long will the course take to complete?

This will depend on how much time you’re willing/able to invest. I understand you are busy, life is busy. With this in mind, the course is designed to help you move at your own pace. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you’re not completely stoked with the course and confident about your transformation within 30 days, we’ll refund you in full the course cost.

What if I can't afford the course?

I’m more than confident that the investment cost will be well outweighed by the benefits of making this transformation. However, if you’re desparate to do the course, but don’t have the ability to meet the investment cost, please feel free to email me directly (details below).