Friends and Feedback

“I am not exaggerating when I say Charlotte’s is one of the best yoga classes I have attended. I have never felt so much clarity, the right amount of pushing myself or the right kind of relaxation as after Charlotte’s class in Desa Seni. Albeit the classes being crowded (about 25 ppl per class), she has found creative ways to get every one moving on the mat, without anyone feeling cramped. Her readings before and after class were insightful and resounded with me and friends who had attended. Also her energy is spectacular, as it inspires and also gives a tremendous sense of calm and positivity. I wish I had Charlotte close to me, so that I could relive the feeling I had in her class in Bali. Kudos Charlotte and keep going! What a difference you make!”


“Charlotte’s the best yoga teacher I’ve ever come across.  She’s got mastery of yoga, pulls people through poses with ease, and also makes it fun.  I couldn’t recommend more highly.”


“Merci pour ce cours jolie Yogi Cha! Belle énergie ! Vivement les prochains chez lolé place bellevue!!!!”

Ophelia Dougué

“Hi Charlotte!! This is Carolina i had some clases with you during this week in Desaseni.. i already told you yesterday.. but i want to let you know again  that  yesterday’s session  touch me deep into my heart.. you inspired me.. and you really made me feel  what a was looking for that connection with myself.. i. Was just reading your page and posts and i really love it… i think you have that power and that brightness to touch lives.”


“There are many good yoga classes, and then there are classes that transform.. Thank you for a wonderful workshop!”

Lina Nilsson Denkinger

“Amazing, beautiful instructor:  professional & intuitive. Highly recommend

Sheryl Thomson

“I love the consistency. I feel like all your lessons carry similar teachings. even when I use your videos for the practices I feel like I can follow along seamlessly after having worked with you before.”

Nic Sarafa

“Join Charlotte for yoga and leave with a peaceful mind and a little part of paradise in your heart. She is an amazing teacher and such a genuine person though and through.”


“The best aspect of @yogicha workshops, is that there is no right or wrong. You simply take what you need and get inspired (and eventually “improve”).

When you are in a bad mood, instead of seeking comfort from the outside (chocolate, shopping, attention..), get in the routine of practicing something that develops pleasure from within the body.

Nothing related to performance. Just pleasure.

Thanks. It was amazing as always ❤️


“I wanted to say THANK YOU Charlotte for your wonderful workshop, it was so inspiring. On the second day I had a long conversation with Tim about creativity after the workshop and I totally forgot the time cause we were really into the topic!:-) Thanks for this inspiring workshop !! For me, I can tell you that I felt lots of energy in my physical body after the second workshop. After the third workshop I first needed time for myself to reconnect with all the thoughts that were coming up during the meditation.. BUT the most impressive thing was the creativity conversation -Tim and I were having at the same evening!! Wow-I could totally feel creativity in process!!! Thank you so much Charlotte”.

Isabelle B

“I attended 3 days of Charlotte’s workshop on Reconnecting to Your Creative Self earlier this week, and I have to say it was really beautifully done. I have not met any other Yoga teacher that combines psychology and yoga practise together like she does . She was able to articulate and explain clearly how the theory behind creativity works and then connect it by demonstrating to the class how to access it through yoga.  If you are ever in Bali, do attend her classes! Charlotte, was a pleasure meeting you and I hope (crossing fingers) that I can get more people to experience your class soon:))”

Jada Seet

“Love Charlotte!  The best teacher and person ever!”

Cindy Thomson Cordray

“Wonderful, mindful yoga teacher. It was a joy attending her classes in Bali.🙏🏻”

Christina Lundin