Don’t let your Ego limit you

Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. When not teaching, I enjoy learning and writing (my blog) about both eastern and western approaches to body-mind union.

“‘I see’, I know it is there. These are mistaken notions, but that is the way the mind works. Just like the eyes, they see, but the sight is not the eyes, but we believe in it.” – sri Yogendra
We believe that what we perceive is what is. We believe that this is neutral reality. And that is why “wrong knowledge” exists. Because depending on how our mind is, the perception or “reality” changes. When you change the way you look on things, the things you look on change. Ego comes from avidya, ignorance. Confusing the seer with the instrument of knowledge. It is confusing yourself with the decorations you have collected over the years. The hat, the clothes, the tattoos….
All of that, it isn’t you. When you identify yourself with that, you are ignorant, you are confused. You are in the EGO. Are you limiting yourself to the voluntary actions or are you also the one who makes your heart beat? Makes your liver function? Makes your lungs breathe….
We build up this personality of ours, throughout life, each experience contributes. So each word I pronounce and each action I take, are full of traces of whatever I have seen and known. When I mistake that for the “universal” truth, reality, that’s when I confuse the power of the Seer (Purusha) with the instrument of seeing (my eyes).
If you start taking all those attributes for who you really are, you are limiting yourself to the gross. The problem with that is that if you lose your attributes, you accomplishments, your image, then what are you? Nothing? 
It’s a scary thing to start thinking that maybe this role you have in society, the social status, the job, the subcultural clique that you surround yourself with, is just the decorations that you have put in your Christmas tree. That maybe, by peeling layer after layer like an onion, there is something underneath. What’s most of all scary with that is that you don’t know what you’ll find there. But I can promise you, it’s really not that different from everybody else. 


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