Easy to be Buddha on a mountain

Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. I’ve always had a deep curiosity toward eastern and western approaches to understanding the mind, and the ming/body union. You’ll find me in the lovely Canggu Bali, nestled amongst coconuts, palm trees and sunshine 🥥🌴🌞


– no need to feel vulnerable then.

I found something on my own, I found a feeling of being just content with life. I felt good.

I was secure.

It was “it’s ok if you don’t like me because I like me”.

It was a kind of “that’s ok if you are acting out in all kinds of ways because I will still return home to my safe space after this” feeling.

From that place I could also see others more clearly. I would see how they reacted according to their fears, all actually coming from a place of wanting to be loved. I was in a place where I was comfortable and therefore relaxed. I was home. My nervous system wasn’t on fight or flight so I was not concerned with being on the way somewhere. I just was.

But life throws you curved balls. Because when we feel so good, we also want to interact with others.


When you walk into town, you set yourself up for testing it. When you begin to have RELATIONSHIPS with people. Because, well, life IS relationships.

And when you start to feel vulnerable again, that’s when you feel lost and don’t know what is happening anymore.

The balanced and calm self, the one who has established a pattern, the loved routine is taken away.

So I can’t do what I usually do, I can’t feel my safe haven and recreate that feeling whenever I want to.

My mind isn’t clear and my heart feels all over the place.


It must be the fault of the other, the one who seemed so promising from a far when I still felt calm.

That is when you need to be open to courage to settle in. That is when you grow…

It is the moment when you have to take a stand of TRUST.

And it’s the moment when maybe many feel it hard to relate to the idea of “trusting oneself” first of all.

So this is how I see it: the idea of trust here lies in trusting someone else, someone that you cannot control. So the fear of the trust comes because you cannot then control that they won’t do something that will hurt you. The way that we can “trust” someones else then is by putting less importance in their actions.

I’d say that it’s what it REALLY means when we say “be the bigger person”.

Because that expression doesn’t mean to be holier than thou or patronising. It means, don’t be so dramatic in what their actions mean. Come back to what is true and that is your space of safety, your presence.

Here is the link: I can choose to not trust the other and therefore be on my guard. I will then react to whatever they do, I might even drive them to do things or make myself sure of it at least which mean I stay in my starting blocks without actually trying my wings to see if I can fly. I stay therefore in my perception and nothing changes. If I would decide to do the opposite: to trust and fall straight out into open air (ie making yourself vulnerable), it takes courage. Sounds good, how do you get that courage?

Courage can come to you when you realise that you can never lose yourself.

That you can give in abundance because you can never give too much


It defines them.

So you can take the risk of trust because all you do then is proving your own value to yourself

This is who i am, no matter what you do. And here comes another realisation:  that is how you stay in your vibration, even when the external conditions change.


Non-attachment doesn’t mean create a distance between you and others.

Instead it means “pain x resistance = suffering”. We stop resisting when we dare to let the guard down. We let the guard down when we realise there’s nothing to lose by doing so. Because you can never lose yourself.

The whole work to be courageous when feeling vulnerable stems from that realisation.

It means love without fear because you can never lose who you are.

What does it mean to love without fear?

It means: get as attached as you can, indulge in everything. To love everything and give yourself fully to it. Because home will always be there. If your cup is already full, you can drink and drink from every other flavoured drink you see out there. Your cup is still full at home.

It’s no issue that everything changes when you always can return home. But this is not really the point here. The point is : become clear enough to see that it’s happening and understand that this is where your work begins. It is not “all good vibes only”, it is “what is this teaching me”. You see, by asking that question instead, you allow yourself to stand in your vibration, in the place you want to stay in. Because your focus, your state of wellbeing is the only thing you can control. Meet the other from a place that feels like home.