MULADHARA CHAKRA Reclaming the body as your home

I have the right to be here

I feel safe in the fact that I am not alone

I love my body and trust its wisdom

I am here and I am real

As we started our MULADHARA CHAKRA FLOW class this morning, we sat down in meditation. I asked my students to visualize roots coming from their muladhara and going in to the earth, absorbing the energy from the soil with each inhalation. 

In a world where everything just goes faster and where everyone is exchangeable within seconds, we have lost our connection to our natural habitat. We feel lost and depressed, desperate for inner peace, feeling safe within ourselves and seeking for a meaning to it all. We want to feel secure and safe but we’re so afraid of pain. Simply said, we are afraid. When you lose the simplicity of nature, when you don’t feel safe in your own house, your body, everything seems artificial. You are not imposing yourself on the earth, it is the planet pulling your towards it by gravity, because this is where you belong. Where ever you go, this is your home. 

Today, go and sit somewhere in nature. For as long as you can. Sit there until you are calm, until you feel that you are just one part of a whole that is this earth. Where ever your body is, that is your world. That is where you are supposed to be.


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