Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. When not teaching, I enjoy learning and writing (my blog) about both eastern and western approaches to body-mind union.

Cosmic voids are enormous empty spaces in the universe, containing nothing or very little. Yet they play a very important part. Big parts of nothing. Just empty space. Like the space in between two entities. 
The fact that there is space in between them, creates a relationship. We think space is nothing, but space is everything. It’s what creates intervals and they define existence. 
Space between noise makes a melody. Intervals in sound makes music. It’s because we pay attention to that nothingness in between that we relate to the sound as music. To hear that melody is to hear the empty space. If there was no empty space between events, there would be no moments. It would all melt together in one big continuing action. 
Space is the opposite to what just happened. Emptiness oppose to presence. It’s the existence of nothing that defines the presence. Its absence in space of what was there. It creates a relationship. 
When that space is perceived as lack it becomes suffering. So we live in that space as if it was our prison of suffering. But just like the intervals in sound makes a melody, the suffering in emptiness becomes the teacher in surrender. To really understand what surrender is, you must have experienced it. Only when you are fed up with treating the space as suffering will you actually choose to surrender. 
When I stop inflicting suffering on myself can I stop inflicting suffering on others. If I don’t know, I can not do. If I haven’t learned, I can not be.