My name is Charlotte (YogiCha). I’m a yoga teacher and clinical psychologist. If you enjoy my writings please subscribe at the bottom of the post. 

#padmasana – the destroyer of all diseases
#saucha – as a result of cleanliness there is freedom from attachment to one’s body

As I sat down early this morning, having finished off my morning sadhana, I opened a random page in my#yogasutra for inspiration to see which word would speak to me today, and sutra 2.40 came up. Right then and there, a beautiful tropical rain showered the garden, brought a fresh wind and a melody not of this world.

I stopped to just watch and listen as it poured down. Saucha is physical, mental and emotional purity. Clear out the clutter, make space by simplyfing. Let each action be made only for the sake of that action. Without “hintergedanken”, without agenda. Only and simply for the sake of doing. No expectation, no jugement. From the pleasure of the heart and that is where you find your strenght. My students have told me several times that what I say in class really speaks to them on a level they havent heard before. Because it comes directly from the heart. No fuss, not even preparation…

I sat there and enjoyed the simple pleasure of the stillness within after my practice, the stillness of the rain and the pure and lush vue of the garden. Have a beautiful Sunday ❤️

@yogalately / @la.coqueluche this one is for you. I love you and miss you. You are so strong the whole universe can do nothing but follow your flow 🙏