How to create a deeper wellbeing by coming back to your natural constitution…

In this class I begin with describing why we are in such a state of imbalance today. I put the emphasis on the world as it is now, in order for you to make this more personal. 

Because, just like anything else, we need to take it personal to us in order to register. 

And Ayurveda is very personal that way, we need to become practical with it in order to actually understand it. 

Many of us, interested in yoga, wellbeing, diet and so have some knowledge about the Ayurvedic principles and might have even taken a quizz online to see their constitution. 

But, it does not work to just read up and know that maybe I shouldn’t eat root vegetables or not have ice cream after dinner because it will not actually bring any results. Just like saying that I should really go to yoga but I’m not flexible…. Will not actually make you flexible. So we will take a moment to start with the current situation before we go into what Ayurveda offers. 

I have myself experienced the changes that following these principles lead to. This is why I created the course : The Self Knowledge Project, learning to implement the Ayurvedic principles in YOUR life, in your routines. So that you can, progressiviely and in a sustainable way, find your way back to you natural state of ease, of wellbeing. 

I’ll be sending out invitations to join the first enrolment of the class in the coming weeks. Please keep your eyes on your email inbox!