Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. When not teaching, I enjoy learning and writing (my blog) about both eastern and western approaches to body-mind union.

I remember being a child and now and then there would be this moment of understanding. I would connect the dots and a new knowledge of how the world works would be accessible to me. 
A development of my intelligence in some sort. 
As an adult I have sometimes these epiphanies. It happens in a very random manner but it’s as if the coin has fallen down. It’s an understanding, not so much of the world but of wisdom. 
You know; the things we read on fridge magnets or instagram nowadays that just seems to be flat, without depth. Because we haven’t understood it yet. I came to understand just recently that I should focus on the people who love me. That I shouldn’t bother with the ones who don’t make me feel like I’m a million bucks just the way I am. I know, it sounds quite obvious doesn’t it? But even if you agree and maybe you’re giving that advice to people who feel badly treated, are you actually practicing that yourself? Honestly? 
Have you understood what it means? Have you had the epiphany? 
At the end of the day, it all comes down to how we decided to perceive things. Look at it from one perspective and you dismiss it with whichever excuse you can to stay with your frame of understanding. But look at it from another view point and learn from it instead. It doesn’t matter if it was just three days with that person; it brought you something for life. It can be a 5 year old with a disease the doctors can’t fix, an old lady called Edna whose tarot cards says you will have a beautiful life or a hot Argentinean footballer bringing you soup when you’re in bed with a fever. The knowledge can come from any encounter, it all depends on you. Give it the attention it deserves. Start looking at the people you meet as pieces in a puzzle.


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