The idea of a fast in the Ayurvedic tradition, is to reset the metabolism by letting the system rest.

It’s more than resetting the the metabolism, it’s resetting your system.

It can be done just as a try, for 24 hours, to see if you are capable of restraining yourself to eating one same thing for that day. Naturally, it will not have much of an impact but the goal of 24h is not really to see physical changes. It is to change your mindset.

Once you feel confident enough to do more, you can try 3 days. Or maybe if the 3 days goes well, you try 4. 

Finally, when you know that 3-4 days were actually not hard and more so, you felt the physical, mental and emotional subtle changes, you are ready for 7 days of Ayurvedic detox.

7 days are just the days you eat the specific detox food, the days before you prepare and then for another 4-10 days after you adapt as well your intake.

I did not plan to make this article about the detox itself but in what way it all fits so well together with The Self Image Project and also, the upcoming “Project deepening” that will soon see the light of day.


This means that what we see when we look ourselves in the mirror, is the manifestation of everything that exists in our internal world. It means the ideas we have about ourselves, the shame and guilt we learned to feel about certain aspects, what we value and what we suppress. It is all there: in your face. When you look at the whole of you, your shape, you size, you structural holding, your eyes, your hair and the shape of your lips!!

We’re so greatly wired, perfectly engineered to function in the world with this SUM. So naturally, when we try to make changes, we usually fail.

How to compete with the world’s most genius engineers?

I mean, the iris in your eyes adapts to the levels of adrenaline that is being produced in your glands!!!

Too much adrenaline: eyes tell you that you need to sleep by being extremely sensitive to light.

No rocket scientist have yet come up with anything as advanced.

My biggest interest in life is to understand the human behaviour. And any behaviourist that I talk to, will tell me more or less the same thing: the only place where change can happen is in the present moment.

What does this actually mean? That anything we need to work on, needs to be brought into the light of awareness.

IE: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” If we are not conscious about a feeling, a behaviour, an action, we can literrally do NOTHING about it.

So I developed the online course that most of your have at least heard of after eyeing through at least one of my rambles. The Self Image Project is the kick start to bring light into the shadow. To bring the unconscious up to the conscious. To become aware of my thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours.

The goal is to then create the routine that suits your needs in order to make sustainable change.

As a sister project, I am now developing a Self Knowledge project as well. Based on the Ayurvedic medicine and, just like the Self Image Project, combined with the western approach of Clinical Psychology, this course focuses on creating the awareness around your constitution. When we understand our constitution, we can tap into the behaviours and patterns that we have and that are the tendencies of our constitution. We then use the Science of Life to create, as well as the Self Image Project, a routine adapted to our needs with the goal of HOMEOSTASIS, a balanced organism. We develop Self Referral which is essential when we want to understand ourselves but that we are completely oblivious to most of the time.

I am very excited to annouce the creation of this course, especially since it lays in such perfect alignment with yoga, psychology and self inquiry.

For those of you who have already participated in the Self Image Project, and of course for those who will join the Ayurvedic course, the build on project deepening is the next step.

As we develop the awareness around ourselves and as we take part in a detox for a few days (I promise, you don’t go hungry at all. It’s not an all water thing) we become acutely aware of the the behaviours we have and that we continue doing despite adverse consequences. Basically, the things we are hooked on and that are so perfectly ingrained in our daily habits that we don’t even realise we do them (have you check the phone since the start of this article or not?).

While away from teaching the past months, I had the chance to start working on this. I made an explanatory video that I will send to all the participants of the Self Image Project within short. I have started the work with simply creating a Facebook group that I will invite you all to join. We shall look deeper into the behaviours we have that are switched on by external triggers and that we connect in our subconscious to a reward response. The automatic mode, the habits, the addictions…. And the work will be done in a more intense way because we shall do it together and work towards creating new, higher reward stimulating habits so that the old ones just seem less interesting. You don’t need to struggle. You just need to become aware.

Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher with a degree in clinical psychology. I’ve always had a deep curiosity toward eastern and western approaches to understanding the mind, and the ming/body union. You’ll find me in the lovely Canggu Bali, nestled amongst coconuts, palm trees and sunshine 🥥🌴🌞



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