When nothing makes sense – our search for meaning

Hi, I’m Charlotte (Yogi Cha). I’m a yoga teacher based in Bali, with a masters degree in psychology.

[Meaning and emotional component brings synchronicity according to CG. Jung. 

Synchronicity: Two events connected by a MEANING. Not dependent on cause and effect. Based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Everything depends on the interpretation of the OBSERVER. ]

I saw a friend the other day and made a joke about how tanned he had become since last I saw him and how he will never go back to his desk job now. He smiled and said “funny you should say that, I have just been fired”. We sat down to chat about it a little and as I was just about to say that maybe it was for the best, I corrected myself and said that one closed door opens a window somewhere else. He replied and said that he liked that metaphor better than when people say that things happen for a reason. “That makes no sense at all and it’s not rational”. I was trying to find something to say that would make him see the logic in that that phrase but couldn’t. After all, whatever I said in that moment, he could easily interpret as a “we have no control over our lives” or “there is no such thing as free will”. And none of that would actually correspond to the state he was in, a state of fear about the future and powerlessness. 

When we search for meaning, we might have lost what we had. We might have lost the map that we were following and we end up on a backstreet searching for the road sign taking us back to the main road. What happens there? Straight ahead it seems like there’s a dead end and none of the streets on either right or left show any signs of being the one leading us out. So we might run around there, checking each and one of them, getting more and more concerned and exhausted. We might just need to raise our head, look up and notice where the road signs are. Looking for signals, sounds, where does the wind blow, where is the sun? 

We look for the fastest way back on track. Maybe there is a reason we’re not on the fastest track back. Maybe that is the sign to read. 

The secret is to choose the perception that you need for the situation in question. Every time you are in a situation (any situation of course but let’s focus on what is more difficult) that doesn’t suit you, you need to give it meaning. Ultimately, the meaning you attach to something IS the meaning that is right. Truth is not a conclusion. Truth is what is. The meaning that you attach to it is your perception and the perception you choose will direct you one way or another.

All we have is now, really. What happens around us isn’t positive or negative. It just is. Take that as the Truth. It is how you deal with it that makes it one or the other. 

You can decide to work with the now or against it. There are no other options. The simple fact of thinking that you are on the wrong street is counter productive to finding your destination. How come? Because the reality is that this IS where you are. You can only start from that point. So you redirect your path in order to get where you want to go. 

Taking this out of the street metaphor, in life it means that we need to accept where we are at. To do so, we need to stop resisting what is going on. We need to fall in love with what is. 

Easier said then done? Absolutely. 

Conditioned since as far as we can imagine, we are constantly trying to be somewhere else then where we actually are. This is why we need techniques to work with. The first step is to let go of the resistance. By resistance, I mean the story we all tell ourselves over and over about how things should be different or that I should be someone or somewhere else. So it comes in the shape of thoughts. Observe them. 

Start to detect what triggers you by understanding what your world looks like. You world is built up of beliefs and these beliefs came from far away. You didn’t deliberately construct them, they exist since long time ago. We could even say that they are not yours to begin with and they are with you since before you were born. Jung called them archetypes. They are the deeply rooted representations that we have of most things around us. 

They exist in our personal consciousness and in the collective one too. The idea of the “man-hero” or even affecting a colour to an event (black-death). 

The actual effect that the psyche (internal world) and matter (external world) has on one another is not really known. For a long time, the idea seemed absurd to many.

 We also had very little understanding of our psyche.

That we are something else then flesh and bones is still today foreign to many people. However, just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

The concept of synchronicity is based on two events seemingly unrelated at first, with two different causes but linked to one another by the meaning that they have. The meaning that lies behind comes from the individual consciousness on one side, and the collective consciousness on the other. Deep planted in our being, exists these images or representations that we didn’t make up ourselves.

When two events, seemingly unrelated, appears together and they activate an archetype within us that is common to them both, we attach a meaning between the two. The Chinese have investigated in explaining signs and without being interested in the cause, they were more focusing on what likes to occur together. It is a way to explain coincidence when the logic of cause and effect doesn’t seem to give the answer.

We have not yet a clear view on mind’s control over matter however we do know that matter changes when mind comes into the picture. Actually, matter depends even on existence of mind. We could even say that maybe matter and mind are the same, one is observed from inside and the other from the outside. So when an archetype is manifested both from the inside and the outside through two events, we experience synchronicity. 

Physicist today show us that everything in the universe is connected, that every particle has a gravitational effect on another particle, no matter how far away they are from each other. Quantum  points towards how everything in the universe is connected since the Big Bang. Another way to say it is that reality is non-local or using the expression “butterfly effect”.

Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. 

Basically, what they say is there are no coincidences, everything is connected. The idea of separation is an illusion.

So where does this bring us in our search of meaning? 

The phenomena is difficult to grasp because the unconscious is involved. That is why we find it hard to explain and we cannot force it to happen. But we can enhance the synchronicity by paying attention to the details. Doing so, helps us to give it meaning.

You are on a frequency and you attract what vibrates on the same as you. Your frequency sets the perception that you choose to have of any given situation. The world as you know it is malleable. That is not new age talk, that is science (if you’re not convinced, search for the double-slit experiment, or the observer effect in physics). 

So in your search of meaning, when you feel lost and nothing makes sense; remember that you are the Observer.

It means that matter change when you are watching. We make the sense that suits us of the signals around us according to from which point the Observer is watching. The chosen perception, the vibrational frequency. 

I guess that is what I should have replied to my friend : there you have your free will. Anything can be perceived in multiple ways, it comes down to your own will.

The again; “when a student is ready, the master appears”.

When you are in synchronicity, you are receiving the messages but are you ready to read them?


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